Tuesday, 12 September 2006

Grammar slight => Banks reference

Just a quickie!: A Boing Boing post drew this to my attention:

"Wales said censorship was ' antithetical to the philosophy of Wikipedia. We occupy a position in the culture that I wish Google would take up, which is that we stand for the freedom for information..."

Is this a slip by Wikipedia originator extrodinaire Jimmy Wales?; Does he already consider global society to be "the Culture" (alt. link) as described by Banks? Hehe, yay! + Yay for not being the Chinese government's bitches (which is what the quote is talking about).

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  1. hmmm,... you never know! He may have defined the usage of the term earlier as something more general like: the culture that is created beyond geography etc, as in The Internet Culture which is being defined as the internet almost becomes a different plane of existence! But as I say,.. you never know!