Wednesday, 15 November 2006

NewScientist - 11/11/2006

'Take a leaf out of nature's book...': Research into constructing artificial plant-like nano engineered material that absorbs a broader spectum of light than conventional solar cells. Then can be coupled with exsisting materials tomake more efficient photo-voltaics, or use an different system to directly create hydrogen from water, in a very similar manner to plants. -Would be exactly what's needed to provide continuos energy supply (even when the sun doesn't shine) and efficiently make fuel for the fledgling hydrogen vehical market.

Axis of upheaval:
the fundamental physics articles always grab my attention. This paper details experimental evidence that a spinning superconductor experiences 'Gravitomagnetism'. Cautiously announced as superconductors and gravity have a fair history of disrepritable science, and the implications of this being verified would include re-writting the Standard Model!

Possible technological applications of a real effect like this would allow half the gadgets in pop sci-fi tp be realised: artifical gravity or levitaion, tractor beams, force fields, etc. But the physists definately aren't counting eggs yet.

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