Thursday, 6 October 2011

"Adjustment Beauro" Critique

Adjustment Beauro is [SPOILERS!!!] The Matrix with a benevolent Architect who is blatantly THE man upstairs. As a white Obama in the making, Matt Damon gets his own Inception as he dances gracefully through NY city reenacting parts of Eternal Sunshine. At least they cast the beautiful Emily Blunt as the worryingly gullible supporting actress, and the plot does move along at a comfortable lick.

We're supposed to believe earth has been running continuously under watchful eyes since before the Roman empire (at least), so Christianity's wrong. And, as in the Wackowski's masterpiece, us cretinous humans have proved ourselves insufferably reckless when we were previously allowed behind the wheel of our own world.

Yet another K.Dick adaptation, it pisses me off by being so cliche: blame the stereotypically bad events of Western history on human nature, saving God the embarrassment of holocaust responsibility. Also, his children sat around in the 'dark ages' just sucking our thumbs, but were able to discover nuclear fission unaided because *that's* so reckless...

What would be the point of a society perpetually tweaked by some 'God'? Other than as a game for the entertainment of a massively transhuman AI I suppose:

At least they made this God fallible; being unable to see indefinitely far into the exact future of a impossibly complex ensemble system that is human global society, that is something quite probably computationally impossible, even in a completely deterministic simulation one would have to run it in it's entirety to know for sure what the outcome was going to be when it was run...

"MAtT dAMoN!"
Got a bit carried away with this Photoshoping idea...

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